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New Technology Trends

With so many technological advancements in today's market, we aim to keep our range of tech products up to date at all times in order...
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Friday, 20th April 2018

Promotional Products Catalogue

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Clearance Deals on Custom printed items

Flexi Flyer [LLALL9142] Clearance Stock - All orders are subject to stock availability at the time and placement of order. Flex your promotional muscle with...
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Friday, 13th April 2018

2018 Top 5 Promotional Pens

1. Spinner Pen [TCN112311] Spinner Pen is a retractable plastic and metal ball pen which features a stress relieving fidget spinner on the top. Simply...
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Friday, 6th April 2018

New Promotional Products for your Brand to Travel Further in 2018

New Promotional Products for your Brand to Travel Further in 2018 Whether you're off to a weekend trip or a month-long vacation in a tropical...
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Thursday, 22nd March 2018

The Influence of Colour in Branding

THE INFLUENCE OF COLOUR IN BRANDING Colour is the first thing people will notice about your Brand or Product. Institute of Colour research studies have...
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Friday, 16th March 2018

National Puppy Day - help raise awareness

National Puppy Day History National Puppy Day seeks to celebrate the unconditional love that puppies bring to people's lives. It is also a day to...
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Friday, 9th March 2018

Akubra Hats

Promotional Products Australia » Akubra Hats
Akubra Hats are an Australian Icon. For 130 years Akubra has been making its famous fur felt hats. The Akubra name is synonymous with the landscape of outback Australia, and our unique hats form an important part of the Australian national uniform. In the modern era Akubra Hats still form an important part of the national culture, being worn by the hard working men and women on the land as well as being presented as national gifts to those visiting dignitaries who want to take a piece of Australia home.
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Leisure Time Akubra Hat
Leisure Time Akubra Hat
Leisure Time Hat with branding. Colours: Regency F...More Info...

10 $123.56 ea | 150 $102.74 ea
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Laser Engraving (Hot Branding)

...More Info...

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Code: testty24
The Arena Akubra Hat
The Arena Akubra Hat
The Arena Hat with branding. Colours: Black, Sand....More Info...

10 $145.40 ea | 150 $110.72 ea
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Laser Engraving (Hot Branding)
Akubra Hat Presentation Box
Akubra Hat Presentation Box
Akubra Hat Presentation Box. Description: Cardboar...More Info...

10 $9.60 ea | 150 $9.36 ea
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Printed as per image
Code: AKPB
Bobby Akubra Hat
Bobby Akubra Hat
Bobby Hat with branding. Colours: Sand. Sizes: 53-...More Info...

10 $131.36 ea | 150 $97.42 ea
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Laser Engraving (Hot Branding)
Casablanca Akubra Hat
Casablanca Akubra Hat
Casablanca Hat with branding. Colours: Natural Str...More Info...

250 $84.80 ea | 250 $84.80 ea
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One (1) Colour Print
Akubra Hats - Country Styles Akubra Hats - Country Styles (11)
The Country Styles of Promotional Akubra Hats come in many styles; Cattleman is Australia�s favourite Akubra, The Kokoda is named after the world famous Kokoda Track, Snowy River as seen in the movie Man From Snowy River and are available in many colours; Khaki, Sand, Black, Fawn and Bran. ...More
Akubra Hats - Fashion Styles Akubra Hats - Fashion Styles (3)
Promotional Fashion Styles Akubra hats have a deeply indented crown and are either lined with satin or a buckram inside band. Leisure Time features a stylish bonded leather band with feather insert. Bogart, Stingy Brim, Stylemaster and Trilby feature a fancy ribbon and bow. ...More
Akubra Hats - Lifestyle Akubra Hats - Lifestyle (1)
The Traveller Promotional Akubra Hat is manufactured in four fabulous colours, Black, Regency Fawn, Rodeo Red or Sand. This unique Promotional Akubra Hat has a memory which allows it to be manipulated back into shape even after being mistreated. ...More
Akubra Hats - Special Styles Akubra Hats - Special Styles (1)
The Croc Promotional Akubra Hat is a stylish black hat featuring a genuine crocodile band with pearly white crocodile teeth and a soft satin lining. The Croc Promotional Akubra Hat was made famous by Paul Hogan in the Crocodile Dundee movies. ...More
Akubra Hats - Straw Styles Akubra Hats - Straw Styles (7)
The straw styles are one of the most popular styles of Promotional Akubra Hats. The Balmoral, Byron and Casablanca Promotional Akubra Hats are made from Hemp braid while the Capricorn, Punter and Zephyr are made Polypropylene. All Straw Styles of Promotional Akubra Hats are finished with a lovely bound edge. ...More
Akubra Hats - Western Styles Akubra Hats - Western Styles (10)
The Western styles Of Promotional Akubra Hats are made famous by two Australian legends. Lee Kernaghan, Australian country music singer, is famous for his wearing of the Outback Club Promotional Akubra Hat. This hat has a 102mm brim, which will keep the sun off your face, and comes in two colours of back or sand. The Bush Tucker Man loves the Sombrero with its tall open crown and curled brim. The Sombrero also features an authentic calf-hide band. ...More
Akubra Presentation Box Akubra Presentation Box (3)
There is no better way to carry or store your Promotional Akubra Hat than in an Akubra Hat Presentation Box. It comes with an inner hat support, carry handle and fits 1-2 hats. ...More
Have you ever wanted a Promotional Product so unique that you have to double take to make sure it’s the real deal? Then we have the product for you... Akubra Hats! Promotional Akubra Hats are a unique and memorable gift idea for a wide range of events and target markets to display your brand. Choose from multiple styles and colour options so make your Akubra Hats unique to your brand. Vivid Promotions’ Country Style Akubra Hats include the most popular Hat Styles that are ideal for Farmers, Outback Companies and Stores, Workwear Clothing Stores and anyone wanting to make a fashion statement. Choose from the Cattleman style Hat, Snowy River Akubra Hat or the Stockman Akubra Hat with many more on offer. All of these Hats can be branded with your logo in some way. Including a plaited leather strap, coloured hat band or branding directly onto the Hat, we’re sure to have a Promotional Akubra Hat that really stands out. If fashion is your industry then take a look at Vivid Promotions’ Fashion Style Akubra Hats. These Fedora Style Hats come in various colours, shapes and sizes to suit all receivers. Hand out as a gift with purchase, sell in your clothing boutique or if you’re feeling really generous then you can offer as a giveaway product. Add your logo or customise the Fashionable Akubra Hats with a hat band or engraved buckle. The Lifestyle Akubra Hat range consists of a lone ranger Akubra called the Traveller Akubra Hat. This stylish Promotional Akubra comes with your choice of branding and is available in two colours and three different sizes to suit both male and female clients of all ages. The Lifestyle Akubra’s are made with quality materials that are made to last. Another stylish Akubra Hat is Vivid Promotions’ “The Croc” Hat. Go rouge and ensure you stand out in the crowd with this classic design Special Akubra Hat. It has Crocodile Dundee written all over it with a crocodile band and real crocodile teeth! Inside The Croc Akubra Hat is a satin lining for extra comfort and style. This unique and innovative Promotional Akubra Hat is a one of a kind promotional product for your next event. Vivid Promotions also has a great range of Straw Style Akubra Hats at a great price for your next promotional campaign. These Straw Akubra Hats some in various fashion styles and cowboy styles to suit all wearers. Some Akubra Straw Hats include Hat Bands, coloured trims, wide brims and string and toggle adjustments. Promotional Straw Akubra Hats can be branded on the material bands for a low cost, making them the ideal choice of Akubra Hat for any event. Last but not least, our Western Style Akubra Hats will surely leave a lasting impression and gain hundreds of compliments along the way. Vivid Promotions’ Western Style Akubra Hats are made from real Rabbit Skins which is a strong fur felt natural fabric. These Western Style Promotional Akubra Hats come in 11 different styles and colours and are for the real Farmer! Any of these fantastic Akubra Hats can be neatly presented in our Standard Akubra Presentation Boxes at an extra charge. A great way to transport your quality Akubra Hats with a nice touch.