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Environmental Sustainable Promotional Product Choices

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT CHOICES As more and more people become increasingly aware and concerned about environmental issues with the desire to live with more sustainability,...
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Friday, 16th February 2018

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What is Digital Printing for Promotional Products?

EVOLUTIONARY DIGITAL PRINTING Improved technology has made the quality of Digital Printing appropriate for many more uses. What are some of the Advantages? Short Turnaround...
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Friday, 9th February 2018

Fun and Useful Promotional Products for our Healthcare Industry

Hospitals, Clinics, Hospices and Aged Care Homes often distribute Stress Relievers, Pill Boxes and other fun and useful products to highlight their services. These items...
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Friday, 2nd February 2018

On Sale - 10% off Custom Printed Novelty Promotional USB Flash Drives

SAVE 10% on all Novelty USB Flash Drives ON SALE TIL 28th FEBRUARY 2018 Stand out from the crowd with these Fun and Unique Shaped...
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Monday, 29th January 2018

One of the safest reusable coffee cups on the market today!

The Karma Kup Profile 320ml is very similar to the original Karma Kup but with some neat new features. The matching coloured swivels or button...
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Wednesday, 25th October 2017

Promotional gift ideas for the family this Christmas

If you're looking for some great gift ideas to give to staff members and their families this Christmas, take a look at these Custom Printed...
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Thursday, 19th October 2017


Promotional Products Australia » Pens
A huge selection of promotional pens, including plastic and metals pens waiting to have your logo printed on them. Custom printed promotional pens sold all across Australia.
vivid imagination. vivid results. vivid ideas for your business...
Rainbow Plastic Ballpoint Pen
Rainbow Plastic Ballpoint Pen
Draw more attention to your brand with this imprin...More Info...

500 $0.40 ea | 10000 $0.24 ea
As low as $0.24 ea
SPECIAL - 1 Col 1 Pos Print
Code: LLALL8657
Flashlight Ballpoint Pen / Stylus
Flashlight Ballpoint Pen / Stylus
Make a good impression on your target market with ...More Info...

100 $1.36 ea | 10000 $1.13 ea
As low as $1.13 ea
1 Col 1 Pos Print
Code: LLALL0022
Graduate Ballpoint Pen
Graduate Ballpoint Pen
Congratulate graduates for a job well done with th...More Info...

250 $0.56 ea | 1000 $0.32 ea
As low as $0.32 ea
SPECIAL - 1 Col 1 Pos Print
Code: LLALL1462
Ring Plastic Ballpoint Pen
Ring Plastic Ballpoint Pen
Push your promotions to the next level with this c...More Info...

500 $0.40 ea | 5000 $0.25 ea
As low as $0.25 ea
SPECIAL - 1 Col 1 Pos Print
Code: LLALL8655
Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen
Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen
Nothing promotes your logo like a pro like this Pa...More Info...

50 $14.88 ea | 2500 $7.67 ea
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One (1) Colour Print
Code: GBLAP014863
PU Pen Case
PU Pen Case
Stylish and classy packaging options like this PU ...More Info...

1 $2.88 ea | 10000 $2.39 ea
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Code: GBLZ715
The Nash Pen with Stylus
The Nash Pen with Stylus
Get your promotional message right on your target ...More Info...

250 $1.91 ea | 5000 $1.10 ea
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One (1) Colour Print
Code: NRASM-4801
Carmel Ballpoint Pen
Carmel Ballpoint Pen
Point your clients’ attention to your brand&...More Info...

50 $12.28 ea | 2500 $6.44 ea
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One (1) Colour Print
Code: GBLP286
Julia Metal Ballpoint Pen
Julia Metal Ballpoint Pen
Give your promotion a sharp corporate appeal with ...More Info...

50 $5.62 ea | 2500 $1.29 ea
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One (1) Colour Print
Code: GBLZ550
Dolomite Pen
Dolomite Pen
This striking and stylish Dolomite Ballpoint Pen i...More Info...

50 $7.80 ea | 5000 $2.82 ea
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One (1) Colour Print
Code: ORZE10
Banner Pens Banner Pens (2)
Custom printed banner pens. Great value promotional banner pens custom printed in full colour print. ...More
Biodegradable & Eco Pens Biodegradable & Eco Pens (18)
Eco friendly pens are a great promotional product that can promote your business and the environment. Just because these pens are made from recycled, renewable or biodegrable materials doesn\'t mean they cost more - Vivid Promotions\' eco-friendly pens range is just as affordable our traditional plastic pens. ...More
Carbon Fibre Pens Carbon Fibre Pens (12)
Carbon Fibre pens are a high-class, executive promotional product. The finish on the barrel delivered by the carbon fibre represents a style that can hardly be matched by our metal pens range. ...More
Highlighters & Marker Pens Highlighters & Marker Pens (77)
Brighten your clients and customers day with a custom printed highlighter. Our range of highlighters expands across many different colours and sizes, including circular highlights, triangle highlighters and star shaped highlighters, with a different colour on each tip! ...More
Light Up Pens & Laser Pointers Light Up Pens & Laser Pointers (21)
An easy way to get lots of attention is with a light-up pen or a laser pointer pen. Many of the light-up pens in this range can be custom printed and feature an LED in the barrel or a light bulb on the end. ...More
Luxury Pens Luxury Pens (47)
Vivid Promotions\' has a full range of deluxe metal pens. These executive pens are of the highest quality, with fine-finished metal barrels and many with gold trim, and are just waiting to have your corporate logo or message engraved. ...More
Metal Pens Metal Pens (493)
Vivid Promotions has a huge range of stylish metal pens that can be engraved or printed. The weight of a metal pen creates a much more controlled writing experience compared to a plastic pen which results in clean and crisp writing. This range includes metal pens that also come in a variety of colours to suit any promotional campaign. ...More
Mobile Phone & Neck Pens Mobile Phone & Neck Pens (12)
This includes pens that have various attachments, including carabiner pens, neck pens and mobile phone pens. The different things these pens can attach to is endless, creating many possibilities for tradies, truck drivers, teachers and more. ...More
Novelty Pens (Printed) Novelty Pens (Printed) (7)
Our fun and exciting promotional novelty pens are great promotional products for kids and various other promotional events. This range includes bubble pens, maze pens, bookmark pens, tape measure pens and more - all which can be branded with your corporate logo. ...More
Pen Boxes & Pouches Pen Boxes & Pouches (74)
Promotional pen boxes and branded pen pouches are one the best corporate gift items available and such low prices. These pen boxes give a very professional yet personal touch as a corporate gift item and they have various branding options to accommodate your needs. ...More
Pen Sets & Boxed Pens Pen Sets & Boxed Pens (92)
Our pen sets and boxed pens are the perfect corporate gift item. Most of these boxed pens are high quality ballpoint metal pens that come in exquisite boxes or pouches. Many of these pens sets and boxed pens can be branded on both the box or pouch and the pen(s). ...More
Pens with Pen Stand Pens with Pen Stand (3)
Promotional Pens with a pen stand are a great gift item and stylish desk accessory. This category includes pens with a stand, but also various other types of pen holders, like stickers pens. ...More
Plastic Pens (Printed) Plastic Pens (Printed) (478)
Plastic pens remain as one of the cheapest and most effect promotional products available. Available in more colours and styles than ever and which prices only getting cheaper, our promotional plastic pens available with a variety of prints options and sure to give your business that extra advertising boost. ...More
Promotional Stylus Pens Promotional Stylus Pens (160)
Custom Printed Stylus Pens with your logo at affordable prices, huge range to choose from! ...More
Wooden Pens (Printed) Wooden Pens (Printed) (3)
Wooden pens present a unique and stylish pen and is a great corporate gift or promotional idea. This range includes wooden pens made from rosewood and maplewood, the finish it creates is exquisite and give a very professional, executive feel to the pen, but unique at the same time. ...More
Printed Promotional Pens are essential merchandise items for every business, event, fundraiser and low cost giveaway! Vivid Promotions’ Branded Pens come in a huge range of styles, colours, shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. Starting with Promotional Banner Pens, our Branded Banner Pens make great gifts and are sure to promote your brand in a new light. Featuring a full colour pull out banner than can be printed on 2 sides, and some can even be printed on the coloured barrel for extra brand exposure. Banner Pens come in various colours to match to your corporate logo. Add a calendar, business card print, promo message and photo image to the retractable banner and watch your brand stand out. If you’re looking for an Eco Friendly Pen or Biodegradable Pen, then Vivid Promotions’ is sure to have the perfect Pen for you! Printed Bio Pens include Bamboo Eco Pens, Printed Biodegradable Plastic Pens, Recycled Paper Pens and Printed Corn Starch Pens. Choose a colour and style to match your logo and brand image at a low cost. An executive Pen is an impressive gift for corporate clients and staff incentives and Vivid Promotions’ Carbon Fibre Pens have it all! Stylish look and premium feel, the Printed Carbon Fibre Pens are smooth to write with and will never go out of fashion. Branded Carbon Fibre Pens are available in different styles and colours and can be added to a gift box for a memorable gift. Along with Vivid Promotions’ Promotional Carbon Fibre Executive Pens, we also have a wide range of Luxury Pens with engraving and printing. Our Printed Luxury Pens include gold trim pens, classic Fountain Calligraphy Pens, well known Parker Style Pens, Waterman Pens and high class Roller Ball Pens. Hand out at tradeshows in Sydney, mail out to clients in Melbourne and ensure your brand does the rounds. Another great writing instrument range is Vivid Promotions’ Highlighters and Marker Pens. Coloured Highlighters and Printed Marker Pens are sure to make your day easier with fluro Highlighters to mark important notes and Branded Marker Pens that can be used on whiteboards or permanent Markers for marking your name or number on various items. Some of Vivid Promotions’ Popular Highlighters include the IC Brite Highlighter, Coloured Gel Highlighter and Carabiner Highlighter Pens. Kept in our Brisbane and Sydney warehouses, our Promotional markers can be delivered with ease. Light Up and Laser Pointer Pens are ideal for use during presentations and meetings to pin point your notes on a board and to highlight important info during a presentation. Light Up Pens are great for a novelty gift and are available in various styles to suit your image and budget. Choose a fun Light Up and Laser Pointer Pen and watch your brand really light up! Our popular Promotional Pens also include Metal Pens which can be printed or engraved with your logo or promotional message. Metal Silver Pens and Metal Coloured Pens have unique finishes with twist tops or click tops, handy clips, comfortable finger grips and more. Choose a textured or smooth Metal Pen to enhance your logo and get your brand in everyone’s hands. Metal Pens with Engraving offer a stylish finish for your brand. Next up are Vivid Promotions’ Mobile Phone and Neck Pens! These Printed Neck Pens feature a neck strap or lanyard to ensure your pen stays with you and can easily be accessed at meetings, trade shows and more. Ideal for brand launches, Brisbane Trade shows and anywhere where you need to use a pen on a regular basis. Mobile Phone Pens are small pens that can attach to your mobile phone and come in bright colours to match your logo. Along with these fun Printed Neck Pens and Mobile Pens, Vivid Promotions also has a great range of Branded Novelty Pens. Printed Novelty Pens feature a gel ink pen, bubble pen, branded maze pen and measurement pen just to name a few. Novelty Pens are fun for children’s events, schools, and promotions that stand out. Pen Boxes and Boxed Pens are available on their own or can be partnered with a Pen from the same warehouse. Boxed Pen Sets care ideal for Christmas Gifts, Staff Incentives and Corporate Promotions as a thank you present. Add your engraved or printed logo for a unique and effective promotional gift idea. Popular Pen Boxes include Black Deluxe Gift Boxes, Velvet Pouches, Clear Boxes and Wooden Pen Cases. If you’re looking for a classic pen that will never go out of style, then Vivid Promotions’ Plastic Pens are the way to go! With over 450 different styles and colours to choose from, you can match your brand and budget to a cost effective Plastic Printed Pen. Cheap Plastic Pens are great to add to a show bag, can be paired with a notepad or mailed out to clients to promote your business. Pens are used every day, so why not get your logo out there with a reusable promotional product today! New to our range are Stylus Pens. With more and more customers searching for the perfect Pen to team up with their Tablet or touch screen devices, it only makes sense to expand our range and include over 30 Branded Stylus Pens for your next promotion. Decorate with your logo, business details and promotional message. Promotional Wooden Pens are also a fantastic option for those wanting a unique and innovative Pen that brings attention to your brand. Wooden Printed Pens include Rosewood Pens, Maplewood Pens, Twist action Wooden Pens and Roller Ball Wooden Pens. Ensure your brand is in full view everyday with a Custom Printed Wooden Pen from Vivid Promotions.