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Environmental Sustainable Promotional Product Choices

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT CHOICES As more and more people become increasingly aware and concerned about environmental issues with the desire to live with more sustainability,...
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Friday, 16th February 2018

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What is Digital Printing for Promotional Products?

EVOLUTIONARY DIGITAL PRINTING Improved technology has made the quality of Digital Printing appropriate for many more uses. What are some of the Advantages? Short Turnaround...
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Friday, 9th February 2018

Fun and Useful Promotional Products for our Healthcare Industry

Hospitals, Clinics, Hospices and Aged Care Homes often distribute Stress Relievers, Pill Boxes and other fun and useful products to highlight their services. These items...
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Friday, 2nd February 2018

On Sale - 10% off Custom Printed Novelty Promotional USB Flash Drives

SAVE 10% on all Novelty USB Flash Drives ON SALE TIL 28th FEBRUARY 2018 Stand out from the crowd with these Fun and Unique Shaped...
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Monday, 29th January 2018

One of the safest reusable coffee cups on the market today!

The Karma Kup Profile 320ml is very similar to the original Karma Kup but with some neat new features. The matching coloured swivels or button...
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Wednesday, 25th October 2017

Promotional gift ideas for the family this Christmas

If you're looking for some great gift ideas to give to staff members and their families this Christmas, take a look at these Custom Printed...
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Thursday, 19th October 2017

Promotional Product Samples Policy

Promotional Products Australia » Samples Policy

Thank you for considering furthering your business relations with Vivid Promotions.
It is our job to make sure you choose the perfect promotional product to suit your image, event, budget and time frame. To help you in your decision-making process, Vivid Promotions is more than happy to provide samples to clients upon request. However, due to the obvious expenses incurred with this process, we do have several policies in place. Please read through the following information carefully prior to submitting your sample request.

Information for New Clients

If you are a new client of Vivid Promotions - we ask that you take the time to narrow-down your selection of options by speaking with one of our sales consultants and requesting various product quotations to ensure you have made the best possible product choices. Feel free to shop around for competitor quotes and options first, to ensure that you are happy to move forward to the next stage with Vivid Promotions. Once you have decided that you would like to proceed with an order through Vivid Promotions, but would like to inspect the quality / appearance of an item - we are more than happy to provide you with the samples you need to assist you with your final purchase.

Vivid Promotions is happy to supply a maximum quantity of one (1) product, providing the total value is less than $5.00 plus GST.

For samples greater than $5.00 plus GST but less than $50.00 plus GST (based on the lowest quantity unit price break) - full pre-payment is required prior to dispatch. Once you are finished with the samples or have placed an order with Vivid Promotions, we will happily refund or credit you for the full invoice amount.

Samples with an accumulated value of over $50.00 plus GST, are non-returnable for credit unless an order is placed with Vivid Promotions. Credit will only apply to the item samples that match the items ordered. Any other sample items that do not eventuate into an order with Vivid Promotions will not be able to be returnable for credit.

A specific product sample that is over $30.00 plus GST (based on the lowest quantity price) that we do not have in stock at our warehouse or in our showroom, and needs to be ordered in as a special request, is non-returnable / non-refundable if an order for that item is not placed with Vivid Promotions. If an order is placed for this item and the sample is returned in good order, we are more than happy to deduct the cost from your order.

Existing Clients

Any client with an annual spend of over $5,000 can have any sample, or range of accumulated samples sent out free of charge if the total value does not exceed $50.00 plus GST. However, we do ask that you kindly return these samples within a 21 day period. Failure to return the samples within the specified time frame will result in an automatic invoice being charged to your account.

Orders for samples with an accumulated value of over $50.00 plus GST are non-returnable for credit unless an order is placed with Vivid Promotions. Credit will only apply to the item samples that match the items ordered. Any other sample items that do not eventuate into an order with Vivid Promotions will not be returnable for credit.

Policy Changes

Vivid Promotions reserves the right to review and change this policy at any time without notice.