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Do you have a Mini Butt?

Thursday 3rd June, 2010

Mini Butts Printed Ashtrays are a great promotional item to not only prevent littering but to also to promote your business and your message about keeping Australia a cleaner, more livable place. Mini Butts Branded Ashtrays are a durable and convenient pocket sized cigarette butt dispenser with a belt clip on the back – a suitable accessory for trades people and workers to use, simply clip it onto your tool belt, shirt or pant pockets for everyday use. No more polluted worksites with the Pocket sized custom printed mini Butts Ashtrays holding up to 13 cigarette butts!  Made from robust plastic, the Mini Butt ashtrays will last a life time and can be used over and over again as a safe and responsible way to dispose of used cigarette butts. For those workers who move amongst job sites in rural and city areas this Mini Butt Travel Ashtray is a very handy travel item for everyday use.


This neat little printed travel ash tray has 7 different branding areas to choose from and you can also mix and match the colour of your Mini Butt Ashtray with 400+ lid and base combinations. Mini Butt custom printed personal ashtray still allows smokers to light up without the effects it has on the environment in the way of littering. Mini Butt Ashtray Dispensers are a great idea for councils to place in various bottle shops, pubs and convenience stores which will all contribute to keeping our streets, waterways and gardens clean and beautiful. Bin your Butt to prevent them washing into drains and rivers as animals can mistake them for a source of food. In the summer months stay alert for bushfire season, don’t be a tosser, bin your butt in a Mini Butt Ashtray to prevent bushfires and protect our wildlife.


Mini Butt Ashtrays are made from melt-proof and heat resistant ABS plastics so you can safely put out your butt. Printed Mini Butts Ashtrays are recyclable, washable and reusable! Mini Butts are a funky and cost effective promo giveaway for Universities and Tafes to assist in preventing unnecessary litter within the car park and across the campus grounds. You can’t put a stop to smoking but you can help students to make a conscious decision about keeping a clean learning environment for all. Listed as the most littered item in the world, the cigarette butt is by far the most over-looked form of pollution known, but with you and your clients help we can make this earth become butt free 1 butt at a time with our Mini Butt Ashtrays. Mini Butts ashtrays can be easily kept in your car or hand bag and promote a huge message in one tiny pocket sized snap lock ashtray, keep an ashtray dispenser in the cafeteria or foyers of your campus.

For more Information and Pricing please view our Personal Ashtrays & Lighters Category!

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