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Helpful Water Conservation Facts | Promotional Products

Thursday 3rd November, 2011


Fun Facts on Water Usage that will blow your mind!

Vivid Promotions has a great range of Water Conservation Promotional Products. From Printed Shower Timers, Water Drop Stress Toys and Hanging Reminder Signs on how you can save water.


     Did you know- ??

  • It takes an estimated 147971 Litres of water to make just one car!
  • It takes around 6813 Litres of water to grow enough cotton to produce just one pair of regular ol' blue jeans!
  • 189 Litres of water is used in an average 5 minute shower!
  • The average Australian household now uses around 750 litres a day – that’s about 21 buckets of water for each person, including kids!

Water Saving Shower Timer: This custom printed Shower Timer allows you to keep track of your water usage. Once the pink or blue sand has poured all the way through, your 4 minutes are up! Presented with your corporate logo or water conservation message on the top of the shower timer, this handy Shower Timer will save you money on your next water bill!

Water Drop Stress Toy: Custom Printed Water Drop Stress Toys are fun promotional items to promote Water Conservation for all ages. With a smiley face on the front and your logo printed on the back, your message will be in the hands of many. Take the stress of your water bill out on Wally the Water Drop! Wally is Perfect for giveaways and conferences.

Why Water Conservation is so important!

As an individual it is important that we reduce our water consumption so that we can help our planet. Take quicker showers or replace your showerhead to a water-efficient model, Use a commercial car wash that recycles the water used and turn off the tap whilst brushing your teeth. All of these easy steps can be taken to reduce your house hold water usage and will also help you save on your water bill. Not only can you save money, but you can also help save the planet from gloabl warming. 

In addition to the Shower Timer and Water Drop Stress Toy, Vivid Promotions also has other helpful water conservation products and novelty items such as Water Conservation Education Packs, Custom Shaped Water Drop Cold Packs, Rain Gauges and Printed Rain Drop keyrings. Promoting your Water Conservation message is easy and cost effective with Vivid Promotions' Printed Water Saving Merchandise. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Discounted pricing does not include 10% GST or delivery charges.

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