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Women in Business - Work, Life Blending

Tuesday 5th June, 2007

Vivid Promos is a proud member of the Women's Network Australia. Here are some words of wisdom from the company founder and managing director Lynette Palmen. 1. Forget the words 'balancing work and family' and start using the word 'blending'. Balancing sounds like at any moment you're about to take a big fall. Do whatever it takes to blend your family and your business. Both of my children have grown up with the office being an extension of their home. And if your clients don't get it - get new clients. 2. Share your money. Hire a cleaner for at least 4 hours a week, get your lawn mowed and have your car cleaned monthly and work like a dog to ensure you never have to give up these extras. Hired help can provide justification and save your sanity on days when your life is falling apart and you're questioning what on earth ever possibly made you think you could run a business. Yes - we all have bad days! 3. When hiring your staff for your business make sure they are kid-friendly and at least one has a background in childcare prior to their employment with you. This person's skills will come in very handy for all sorts of sticky situations that arise in the workplace and with your life in general. 4. Don't restrict yourself to the options used by others to manage kids and business. And have no guilt. I want my children to remember that their mum wasn't always right, but she was never afraid and always willing to have a go. 5. Believe in yourself and think laterally. Surround yourself with extended family and friends who believe in you and your business idea, people who are like-minded and excited and willing to be part of your success. And always believe you are special enough for them to want to be involved and gain enjoyment from seeing you do really well. THESE ARE SOME REALLY COMFORTING WORDS THAT WE ALL SHOULD TRY AND LIVE BY. BALANCING AND BLENDING WORK, LIFE AND FAMILY IS A CONTINUOUS AND EVOLVING JOURNEY. IF ANY READERS HAVE ANY INSPIRING STORIES OR WORDS OF WISDOM TO CONTRIBUTE PLEASE EMAIL US AT WE ARE LOOKING FOR GUEST BLOGGERS AND ARE KEEN TO GET AS MANY STORIES AND OPINIONS AS WE CAN. Not a member of the Australian Women's Network yet? Click on the link below to find out more info! womens-network.jpg

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