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COVID-19 Retail Checklist

Friday 10th April, 2020


Vivid Promotions Australian Promotional Products

COVID-19 Retail Checklist

Where to get information about COVID-19 Retail Checklists in Australia?


Help stop the spread
The impact of COVID-19 will be around for the foreseeable future. Moving forward, it’s important that we continue to practise social distancing and strict cleaning procedures. Now is the time to set in place safeguards to help protect your employees and customers in the best way possible.

Do you have social distancing indicators?

Reassure people that they are keeping a safe social distance by using Social Distancing Indicators. Social Distancing Indicator floor graphics are made from 250gsm PVC with a heavy-duty top laminated surface. They are perfect for use on indoor carpet, tile, vinyl and other indoor floor surfaces.

CSIRO Tested

R10 slip rated

Dry D1

Wet Pendulum P4

Wet Incline R10

•    Recommended for 3-6 months use indoor (traffic dependant).


Floor Safety Tape

Use lane marking tape to mark out the safe distance for social distancing in warehouses and retail shops. Order the standard social distancing tape or have it printed with a unique message.

• Strong adhesive for long lasting applications.
• Laminated to ensure the print will remain for extended periods.
• Waterproof and oil-resistant backing.

Do you have awareness graphics in key locations?
Entrances, Car parks and SidewalksOutdoor and Heavy Traffic Floor Signage

Get your message across before customers even enter the store with outdoor floor graphics. Made from a PVC free aluminium foil, our outdoor floor graphics separates itself from competition flaunting a longer life span & higher slip/scratch resistance (CSIRO tested & rated at R12).

This material is specifically designed for rough ground surfaces such as brick, concrete & bitumen.



Tacky Cling Stickers

Add friendly reminders to wash your hands in restrooms where it really counts.  The stickers do not use adhesive so they can be removed and reused without leaving residue. Tacky Cling Stickers can grip to any smooth surface such as mirrors, stainless steel, smooth plastic, glass, ceramics/porcelain, gloss painted surfaces, etc. which is perfect for GPs, hospitals, clinics and anywhere else, such as bathrooms & changerooms where this message must be conveyed.

• Can be custom printed with your own artwork.
• Can be die cut to any size and shape.
• Can be wiped clean with water or cleaners.
• Can be moved and reused without leaving a sticky residue.


Do you offer disposable handle covers?

COVID-19 can be spread by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Keep your customers and employees safe by offering Disposable Handle Covers as they enter your store. They can be used as a short term barrier on the handles of shopping trolleys and baskets.

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