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Benefits of Drinking Tea

Monday 2nd July, 2007

Promo Tea is one of our favorite new release products for 2007. Black, Herbal and Oriental teas packed into four colour process printed packets - what a great promo giveaway. These little treats are perfect for mail outs, trade show hand outs as a gift with purchase and much more. The possibilities are virtually endless with the variety of different blends and flavours and all of their different therapuetic properties. For more info and pricing on this great new website take a look at our latest newsletter! Outlined in the following is the full range of different tea's available from Vivid Promos and their therepuetic benefits: BLACK TEA - Black tea is by far the most well known beverage in the world. Countries and cultures around the world have used it for centuries. Unlike the high levels of caffeine found in coffee, the low amounts found in black tea promotes blood flow to the brain, without overstimulating the heart. The caffeine in black tea sharpens mental focus and concentration and the anti-oxidants are great for the immune system. Herbal Blends (caffeine free) ELDERFLOWER & LEMON - A zesty blend that is great for boosting the immune system and your Vitamin C levels. Also a great anti-oxidant. APPLE & GINGER - A spicy blend that is also great for the immune system. Ginger is a very 'warming' herb, that makes it great for Winter-time promotions. CHAMOMILE - A soothing herb that is perfect for relaxation. Chamomile has been used for centuries to reduce anxiety and stress. PEPPERMINT - A cooling, refreshing herb that is great for an energy boost! Peppermint is known to have a powerful stimulant effect on the body and also positively influence the body and emotions. ECHINACEA - Great for boosting the immune system - commonly used during the early stages of coughs and colds. The perfect solution for Winter-time promos. DETOX - A blend of herbs including dandelion root, burdock root, peppermint and spearmint to help detoxify the body and mind. TRANQUILITY - A blend of herbs including limeflower and hawthorne berries to help bring a wave of serenity through your workplace. Oriental Blends (caffeine free) GREEN TEA - Green tea has been used for centuries for its anti-oxidant properties (polyphenols), which are known to protect against cancer. It is also great for the liver, can prevent plaque on the teeth and help combat the common cold. Original Green Tea is available, as well as Green Tea blended with lemon myrtle and Green Tea blended with Chai. Lemon Myrtle is great for clearing the head and concentration and Chai is great for relaxation and aiding digestion. GINGKO - Gingko is another great oriental herb that has been used for centuries. It is used to aid in mental alertness, improving memory and concentration. GINSENG - Improves mood, physical and intellectual performance and reduces stress. Some studies show ginseng extracts to be effective in stimulating learning, memory and physical capabilities. Excellent anti-oxidant and anti-fatigue effects. Check out the latest VIVID PROMOS newsletter for some great specials on our new promo tea!

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